A brief summary of my Gear and shooting habits:

I currently shoot with a full-frame Canon camera. I prefer my prime lenses. I occasionally use a tripod [and note that with the photo]. I finally got a flash [Speedlite], and I think I will make a point of using it more this winter. I normally use Adobe Lightroom to edit my RAW files, although I sometimes tinker around in unfamiliar territory with Photoshop CS5.

My wish list includes a long telephoto lens, a longer telephoto lens, and probably first off, a telephoto extender to work with my current 300mm lens. In the opposite direction, I'd also like Canon's 1-5x macro lens, as well as all the specialized gear that goes along with such a lens. Oh, and if Canon ever comes out with a 200mm macro lens with image stabilization, that would most certainly find a spot on my list.